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Online consultation with Goddesschild - Angel Card Reading and Tarot Reading in Abu Dhabi today. 10-15 years of practicing of Tarot Reading. NAMASTE - A VERY WARM WELCOME TO MY ROOM........... 1] My readings are fast - sometimes as little as a minute. Where necessary, I can help with simple & high-impact solutions to enhance your auric vibrations, which in turn will help to change your situation for the better. Usually I am known to be a fast reader - I do not waste your credits or time in the private room. ~~~ AVERAGE PRIVATE ROOM READING TIME: 8-10 minutes ~~~ FOR ONLY TIMELINES & YES-NO-MAYBE: 1-3 minutes ~~~ ENERGY HEALING - 10-45 minutes depending on the case ~~~ Please keep a pen and paper near you to note down anything that you need to remember for later - like tips, do's-dont's, remedies, etc. 2] Free chat is for connection - not free readings. We are here to help, but as professionals. 3] Kindly refrain from PROLONGED or DAY-2-DAY UPDATES of your personal issues in free chat, where other members could be waiting to interact with me. Please take the private if you truly need one-on-one time and attention. Besides no amount of talking will really help solve an issue.....but application of solutions just might! So let's seek solutions. 4] In the private room, I read the tarot or use the pendulum to help with answers/insights. I believe that changing one's vibrations OR "inner programming software" will enable one to lead a happier, successful life - personally and professionally. 5] Remember - readings take time to play out. Kindly give your readings some time, and stay positive in the meantime. 6] Profanity, rudeness, soliciting personal information, cross-talks, queries about my personal life will lead to the member being banned. Also requests/insistence on meeting me outside of Oranum - that is totally out of bounds. So make no such requests ever! 7] I will honestly tell you what the cards indicate to me - I will not lie or say things to please you. Give your readings time, because time both heals and proves a lot of things. 8] I do not make audacious claims of being 100% accurate or that I have all the solutions or answers. The fact is no psychic is all accurate all of the time. I try to genuinely help with whatever I see in the cards during your readings and with what I otherwise know through clairvoyance. Rest is best left in the Almighty's Hands. 9] If you choose to go for an email reading, please note that you are allowed to ask 1 or a max of 2 questions per email request. ***************************************************************************************************************************************** I am Gaurikaa from India, and I share with you blessings & wisdom of the East. I am a professional tarot card reader, energy healer & light channel, chakra & crystal healer, helper and guide for more than 10 years now. I believe that happiness is about striking a fine balance between your material and spiritual life. It's valid to want to be happy about your relationships, money, job, health and your faith in the Spirit. Yes, we can have all of them on our platter of life. I HELP WITH............ Simple & High-Impact Solutions Using the power of the Subconscious Mind Cleansing and healing with Divine Light & Angelic Energy Beautiful and Intensive heart healing for couples that are bickering and arguing (NEW on the menu) Simple 1-card YES-NO-MAYBE for love/relationship questions Timelines of events Fortune-telling with playing cards (NEW on the menu :-)) He thinks/She thinks (what two people think about each other - friends, lovers, couple, co-workers, etc.) This Vs That path in life Love Life - Is this real?? Relationship - where is it heading? Where you are & where you want to be - using River spread Establishing peace in the home and amongst family members (mystic remedies) Travel and relocation Marital issues - resolving the disharmony Inability to conceive Dealing with difficult people/boss/coworkers Finding love and friendships - the right man/woman Being loved and appreciated Marriage getting delayed Being noticed and admired Increasing your finances Finding a job or career suitable to you Finding lost objects or money, etc. Beauty - enhancing appearance - looking sweeter, hotter, sexier if you like :-) Losing excess weight - dealing with eating disorders Straightening things out in some aspect of your life Better health Higher levels of self-confidence Getting rid of negative people, situations, or entities Being happy or happier (happiness is your birthright!!!) Manifestation Clearing your aura or energy field of negative or dead energy Clearing your home's energy field of negative or dead energy Protection from bad/dark/evil vibes Number of children Lucky colors, directions, numbers, and days, etc. I OFFER HEALING FOR: Physical health issues - headaches, any kind of pain, fractures, excessive bleeding, fever, etc. Depression - feeling overwhelmed Suicidal tendencies Addictions and uncontrollable urges (Food, a particular person, smoking, drinking, facebook, internet, even psychics.... ;-) Obsessions and compulsions Relationship issues between couples Hallucinations - Visual or Auditory Various types of mental blocks Developmental issues or retardation Lack of clarity or mental stability Being stalked or controlled by others (basically not being yourself) Psychic attacks and energy drain Weird attachments Energy healings are complementary to medical science and not a substitute. Let your doctors do their work... :-) - Allow us healers to do ours! Healings take time in private and need more than one session - so please come in for healings ONLY IF you're deeply willing to let go of your problem and truly, truly heal. Please be regular with your healing sessions as well. You have all the right in the world to hold on to your problems for as long as you like. And.........you have all the choice to release your problems too. Healings are all about letting go (of your problem) and letting in God or Divine Light into your life. Miracles can happen when you let go ! ************************************************************************************************************************************* FRIENDLY SUGGESTION: For questions that are asked frivolously, Tarot too can give answers that are frivolous or do not make sense. So be serious, sincere, and calm when taking a tarot reading. Do not panic if you sometimes hear what you do not expect to hear or what you do not like. Please give your reading some time to play out, even if it does not make any instant sense...(1-3 months at the minimum & usually 6-8 months to really understand a reading and its import). Kindly leave your valuable feedback after your private readings. ************************************************************************************************************************************ III SARVESHAAM SHANTIR BHAVATHU III May everyone in this world be happy, healthy, peaceful, progressive, prosperous, spiritual (full of Spirit!) energetic, and blessed with abundance. May we all shift from the point of human agony & fear to the point of Divine Love & Joy. When you feel down, just remind yourself that you have an ever-present help in God or the Holy Spirit! :-) So it is, so it be. Be blessed & full of love, light, and LIFE!!! :-))) Yours truly, Gaurikaa :-)

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